About Search

Homes are listed in the Multiple Listing Service (also known as MLS). You can search in three Multiple Listing Services through the KP Edgestone Realty website. Based on where you are searching is important to search in the right MLS. These are some recommendations for the areas covered:

Central Jersey MLS: Predominantly for searches in Middlesex County, and parts of Somerset, Union, Monmouth, and Mercer Counties.

Monmouth Ocean MLS: Predominantly for searches in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, and parts of Middlesex County.

Garden State MLS: Predominantly for searches in Somerset and Union Counties, and parts of Middlesex, Mercer, Bergen, Essex, Morris and Hudson Counties.

If you don’t find the property you’re looking for in one of these Multiple Listing Services, try your luck with another!

Or contact us directly and we can look in additional places that are not on our website.